Frequently Asked Questions

We have assembled a list of frequently asked question to provide insights to the Pinnacle Registry, the difference between the Registry and the Social Network, and other things. We intend to continue to add to this section under several main headings, like How To, Candidate nominating and selection rules, regulations and procedures, and more. If you on't see your question? Simply ask us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Pinnacle Registry?

    The Pinnacle Registry is a biographical networking registry of Outstanding Professionals from nearly every industry.  The profiles and biographies highlight our members’ expertise, achievements, affiliations and education, making it easy to use for job recruitment, career enhancement, and new business development.

  • What do I get if accepted to the Pinnacle Registry?

    You will be published in The Pinnacle Registry hardcover, and featured online in our professionals registry. Our exquisite hardcover books will also be available in book stores and top online stores like Amazon. They can be displayed so that friends and colleagues may browse through it, and members can use it as a reference tool. The online directory provides you with enhanced visibility online, access to our premium member networking forum, as well as our basic member social network, both of where our members share information, knowledge and services to stay one step ahead in their careers and in business. Learn more about the benefits of inclusion.

  • How do I become included in the Pinnacle Registry?

     To be admitted and recognized you have to first be a leader in your industry sector, demonstrated by your accomplishments. You can apply, be contacted by us, or nominated by a peer for our review board to approve.

  • What is the Pinnacle Social Network

    The Pinnacle Social Network is a peer group with online access to build a profile, blog, participate in forums, create groups and events,post photos and videos. To be admitted to the social network you must be approved by the member base and administrators of the network. Register for free here, and await approval.

  • What kinds of products and services are associated with the Pinnacle Registry?

    The branding services, networking resources and digital real estate opportunities offered by the Pinnacle Registry enhance a members' credibility and provide extended exposure. These products and services maximizing their membership include :

    • Listing in our online registry, and direct access to others listed there. 
    • Access to the online Pinnacle Social Network. 
    • Prominent display in our exquisite hardcover registry book, to be seen in bookstores, and by others in members’ offices and homes.
    • Opportunity to be selected to our "featured" and/or “professional of the month, year, and other" awards listings, articles, and press releases.
    • To be able to contribute to our blog as an authoratative voice.
    • Access to our Featured profiles, to tell viewers who you are and what you do. 
    • Access to Registry discounts for website design and development, online marketing, and getting listed in the 50+ leading location-based web directories.
    • To be included and receive disccounts on our buying group discounts for products and services. 

    To learn more about the full suite of Pinnacle Registry member benefits, products and services, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (631)428-3035.

  • Can I nominate someone for the Pinnacle Registry?

    Yes, simple go to the Nominate page, complete the form and submit. 

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